Thursday, June 11, 2015

SOUND JUDGMENT; PRACTICAL WISDOM. Ten suggestions to the wary

  1. Avoid narrow-mindedness. Don't get stuck in one viewpoint. Look at issues from different sides, different perspectives. Take a helicopter-view.
  2. Identify the possible risks and find early warnings for them.
  3. Don't stare at large problems metaphysically. Don't indulge in principles, ideologies or philosophies. Know your preferences, but remain pragmatical.
  4. Keep your judgments open. Postpone irreversible decisions when you can, take them when you must.
  5. Suspect proposals that are too easy, too attractive. Especially by trustworthy strangers.
  6. Have a fall-back position. Don't gamble everything on one horse.
  7. Distinguish what is slow or difficult to change from what changes relatively fast or relatively easy.
  8. Roll with the punches if you have to.
  9. Nudge people, but don't try to change them. Adult education is a rare bird. Adult self-education is all we can hope for.
  10. Life is short. Do what you can, but take things easy. If you can't, explode or implode as beautifully as you can. Then take things easy again.
Use this list to find your weak points and do something about them. Like changing. Nudge yourself into adult self-education.

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