Thursday, May 5, 2011

Helsinki and Tampere

A new round of organizational constellations and a new round of the Leadership Game.
What kind of themes did the participating management consultants have?
•  What to focus on? And in what market?
•  What do i write my management book about?
•  How do I make my consultancy more profitable?
•  What is the best way to become influential?
•   What is the next step in the development of my company?
•  How do I build an influential consultancy doing meaningful work?
•  How do I get work that has my heart in it?
•  How do I get rid of the ‘dogs’ in my work?

During the game, with many the focus shifted or became more precise. New ideas, new awareness and, above all, more focus. One colleague bought the Leadership Game, so Finnish managers can reflect on their behavior and their career also.

In constellation work it is not only the thoughts the representatives get, but also feelings and bodily sensations. One of the most common bodily reactions is the tendency to change position or posture. People may have other kinesthetic sensations, like heaviness, warmth or coldness. In one constellation, one of the participants had an even more peculiar sensation. In the constellation were two square pillars. The office building once had been a factory. The representative was positioned with her back to one pillar. She represented an entrepreneur and felt herself as a kind of locomotive. Then she got the strong sensation that the pillar behind her and the whole building started to shake and tremble. She knew it didn’t happen, but she felt it nonetheless.
This reminds me of a constellation I did in São Paulo, about the problem around the Nr.2 director in the firm. He suffered forever from high blood pressure, had had already several heart surgeries and gave everyone around him high blood pressure. When his representative stood tall, legs a bit apart, telling the world that he felt strong, a rumbling was heard and the building trembled slightly. But that was a real earthquake, pretty uncommon there.

The eternal doubt of consultants is if their work really does matter. So it is nice to experience that once in a while our work is among the movers and shakers.

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